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Today while I was at work Gizmo joined Taemon in heaven. As I 
Told you in this journal back in October I thought he would die 
Back then because he had been diagnosed with Stage 4 
Renal Failure. He has fought long and hard for more 
Than half a year with the help of subcutaneous treatment each
Day. Unfortunatly his nephron count would slowly reach 
A critical low which is what happens with CRF. However 
He fought for more than half a year and we did whatever 
We could to keep him going. There were good days and 
Bad ones. Yesterday he threw up blood in the bath tub. I understand
From looking up the symptoms of CRF online that that 
Usually happens when a cat is near the point at 
Of death from the disease. He had also had been having a hard 
Time walking as well, and mom and I though we might discard 
The idea of having him not put to sleep if we thought he
Was really suffering. We disn't have to do that because Gizmo went
On his own time while both of us were at work. I had spent
Some time with Gizmo last night as well and held him. Somehow 
I guess he knew that it was his time to go. Now 
He is in a box and mom will take him to the Humane society where 
They will do what needs to be done. When CRF happens there 
Is nothing that can be done. We knew that Gizmo was going to die 
From this condition, but we did out best to try 
And keep him around for a long as we could he got not only the 
Subcutaneous treatment each day, but also pills which he 
Took (although not willingly) to help out with his appetite and of 
Course his thyroid too. He also was on antibiotics Gizmo was a love
And he went through a lot. He was a patient old cat who at the age
Of 19 (maybe even 20) died of Stage
4 Chronic Renal Failure. In other words he simply died of old 
Age. I knew for a long time this day was coming and it may sound cold
But there is a part of me that is glad that it is over now. Gizmo doesn't have to 
Suffer anymore and we don't have to keep doing what we had to do 
To keep him alive because it was also tiring for both me and my mom as well, 
We sometimes wondered if were doing the right thing to tell 
You the truth, but then sometimes he would seem to have his good days and I 
Had promised him he would die at home surrounded by familiarities. Not die 
Taken away by a bunch of strangers to be put to sleep like Taemon did. That 
Is what I had promised Gizmo and I am glad I got to keep that promise. Good bye, sweet old cat. 
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