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Tagged by :iconolaf53:
These rules on this page that you see.
Are the words that should be you must copy.
Ten facts about yourself you must tell.
And you must answer your taggers questions as well.
Then go tag ten deviants in your journal before you go
In their DA messages in "Mentions" of this, they will know.

 10 Факц абаут ми
1. I own a shirt with Derpy Whooves on it. :iconderpyhoovesplz:
2. I have a tendancy to buy pants that don't fit.
I always buy them too big so this is dealt
of course by wearing a belt.
3. This journal will be #30 when it comes to
Journals on which I have been tagged too.
4. I have to give my cat subcutaneous fluids every night.
5. I wear a blue watch on the left and read on the right.
6. I like to watch on You Tube All Time Top 10's, and
Mystey Diagnosis. Some of you by now should understand
That I like looking at weird stuff. I also like watching on
TV Criminal Minds if I can catch it when it's on.
7. I like to eat dried cranberries for a snack.
8. I have a cat named Gizmo and one I call Macmacmac.
9. My phone's batteries are amost useless.
10. Music helps me deal with stress.

Квестчонс бай  :iconbi777:
1. What's your political ideology?
I lean to the left in my political geology.
2. What genres of books do you prefer?
Comic books, medical books, or collections of facts or stories. Yes, sir.
3. What kind of music do you prefer?
I like rock, rap, and other styles like jazz as it were.
Here. I'll show you one of my favorite songs I
Like these days. Give the above video a try.
4. How do you feel about religion?
It can be a very big decsicion.
It can also be very dangerous if used the wrong way
As various examples out there will say.
5. What type of people do you hate?
It is easy for us to often hate those for whom we don't realate,
On those for whom we would never follow ideological suit
or those whose acts bear rotten fruit.
I must remember that not every word I say
Nor every move I play
Has been beneficial. I must reflect
Before judging others that I am not perfect.
6. Tea or coffee?
If you will let me elaborate on the menu for coffee
Then I shall tell you that my answer will be
Mocha Frappaccions. Those are coffee's that have ice
The one at "CB&TL" are very nice.
When it comes to a drink that is hot.
Mint tea really hits the spot.
So I guess weather coffee or tea is the deal
Depends on the temperature's feel.
7. Hmm, what is your favorite movie?
That is a difficult question you see.
I like so many different films. When
It comes to animation I will watch again
And again "The Secret of Nimh".  Also I  can
tell you as an Edward G. Robinson fan
That "Five Star Final" is probably my favorite film of his. Oh
And "My Fellow Americans" is good too just so you know.
8. What is your favorite country? (Besides own)
Russia. I thinks my secret code kinda makes that known.
9. Do you like fish oil?
I haven't really considerd it. I don't toil
In the knowledge of vitamens or vitman supplements as much
As my grandma. With that info she always kept in touch.
10. Do you hate me?
I would be wrong for me to hate anybody
That I do not know. And I don't know thee.

Квестчонс бай  :iconolaf53:
Do you want to overthrow the NSA?
When it comes to power, let us just say
That everyone is in danger when one has to much for which to play.
Do you have speakonia?  No.
But Now you know.
What is your opinion on Obama?
I'm getting tired of hearing about all this Obamacare drama.
What do you do when you're bored out of your mind?
Day dreams my mentality I tend to find.
Have you seen the old nicktoons shows?
Are there pitch black birds called ravens and crows?
In other words yes, I have an my personal favorite is "AHH! Real
Monsters".  It is the best Klasky-Csuspo show I still feel
I liked it enough to do some fanart. See? Have a gaze
Some fan art when I was on my ARM craze.
Gromble cut. by Emeowrald  The Crowd's Upset by Emeowrald  PPG and ARM. by Emeowrald
Do you like tacos? They
Aren't my favorite, but they are okay.
What is your favorite television show? (It can be from any period of time)
Wow. I guess in order to get this line to rhyme
I'll have to say that I liked a lot of shows, of course one that is on
Now that I like is MLP-FIM. And one that is now gone
That I like is "Seven Little Monsters", of course I am sure
That if you saw my 7LM fanart to you that already would occur
Eight Little Mourners by Emeowrald
What is your favorite national flag?
I will say Romania's. It has the primary colors. That's my answer for his tag.
Have you ever seen a floppy disk in real life?
Yes, and such a strange thing that was rife
With the potential for damage. Which probably is the reason
That long ago they went out of season.
What is (Bacon^Over 9000)/0?
You can't divide by zero just so you know.
Sorry, I hope such news isn't a big blow.

 Квестчонс бай :iconemeowrald:
1. Did you get that guy's liscense plate?
2. What is the most important date?
3. Do you take the high or the low road?
4. What do you think of my secrete code?
5. If you were a portable device what would you be?
6. What keeps your mind from being free?
7. Why are you so serious?
8. What in life makes you curious?
9. What is your sign on the Chinese zodiac?
10. Ever had a snack attack?

And now because I have to tag people. Okay
I'll tag the following today.
  • Mood: Humor

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Thank you for the favorite! :pray:
Thanks for the fave :)
I will have to take a look at that then. 
You're welcome. 
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